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Monday, February 23, 2009

C. Decide on Special Monsters To Be Used

Excerpt from B51:
"The DM should decide on what special monsters (not placed by using the Wandering Monster tables) will be used. Some monsters should be placed by the DM because of the scenario chosen, and the DM may create or change some monsters to fit the dungeon"

As I was working on the cross section of the PoTS, I spent a bunch of time thinking about what monsters would occupy various regions. Some of the unique creatures such as Gnorlocks, Slug People, Mothmen and the sentient Grey Ooze have already been mentioned.

One thing that I am not terribly worried about is keeping the difficulty level of the monsters increasing in a linear or other systematic way. For example, level 1A may be suitable for level 2 and 3 characters but level 2A may be suitable for level 5 or 6 characters. As one goes deeper in the dungeon it will get more difficult, however, characters may need to adventure elsewhere before they are ready for the next level of the Pit.

Special Monsters to Be Used

Level 1A: The Citadel of the Amazons

Amazons (AC 7, HD 1+1*, MV 120, #AT 1 weapon, D by weapon, Save F1, ML 10, AL N) Amazons are female fighters that serve Sidra. When fighting male humans or human-like creatures, such as halflings, elves, dwarves, etc, they add +2 to their "to hit" rolls due to their ferocity. Amazons fight very efficiently as a group. They will attempt to take captives for ritualistic castration and sacrifice.

Tiger - See "Great Cat" on page B32. Amazons often keep tigers for pets and guards.

White Ape - See "Ape, White" on page B30. Also see my post on my favorite monsters.

I think that that the BBEG on Level 1A will be an Amazonian Clone of Sidra and her pet Sabre Tooth Tiger. The tiger will be quite a challenge by itself and I think that encountering a clone of the Ghoul-Queen here will add an interesting element to a later encounter with either another clone of Sidra herself.

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