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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finishing Section C: Special Monsters

Here are the specific monsters I currently plan on using for the remaining levels...

Level 3A: Halls of the Flesh Eaters
- Trolls
- Ghouls
- Ghasts (AC 5, HD 4**, MV 90, #AT 2 claws/1 bite, D 1-6/1-6/1-8, SV F4, ML 10, AL C) Undead. Ghasts are particularly large and gruesome ghouls that can assume the guise of a hyena. Instead of paralysis, its gaze will have the effect of a sleep spell on any unsuspecting creature which fails its save vs spells.
- Cadavers (AC 7, HD 2*, MV 60, #AT 1 battle-axe, D 1-8, SV F2, ML 12, AL N) Undead. Battle-axe wielding zombies immune to all magic. I stole these from Sham.
- Plagued (AC 7, HD 1*, MV 60, #AT 2 claws, D 1-4/1-4, SV F1, ML 12, AL N) Undead. Disease-ridden zombies that are easily killed, but splattery and extremely virulent. The character landing the killing blow must save vs poison with a -2 penalty or catch a disease. Also stolen from Sham.

Level 3B: Crystal Caves of the Mothmen
- Mothmen (AC 5, HD 4*, MV 90, #AT 1 bite, D 1-6, SV F4, ML 8, AL C) Large moth-like creatures that are attracted to light. Their gossamer wings reflect torch or lantern light and when three or more mothmen are fluttering around they can cause confusion as the spell. Mothmen eat fungus and use the mines to invade the Fungal Forests.
- Crysabs (AC 2, HD 3*, MV 60, #AT 2 pinchers, D 2-12/2-12, SV F2, ML 7, AL N) Giant crystal crabs. When stationary they look like large mounds of crystals. They lie in wait to ambush prey surprising on a 1-4.
- An earth elemental (8 HD)

Level 4A: Realm of the Discarded
- Fleshshifters (AC 2, HD 3*, MV 60, #AT 1 staff, D 1-4 + special, SV F2, ML 7, AL C) Alien, white robed and hooded humanoids that serve the Ghoul-Queen. They conduct their torturous experiments in their laboratories. They have used their findings to give themselves random mutation: super-fast, super-strong, super-tough, super-accurate, etc. Fleshshifters are immune to sleep and charm spells. Wield staffs made of a silver alloy that cause a random effect on a hit (saves apply): 1) Sleep (as spell); 2) Blindness (as reverse Light spell); 3) Paralysis (as ghoul); 4) Wracked by excruciating pain (additional 1-6 damage and cannot act for 1 round); 5) Weakness (-2 penalty to attack and damage rolls); 6) Polymorph Other (1-Giant Toad, 2-Rock Baboon, 3-Kobold, 4-Gnoll, 5-Giant Rat, 6- Herd Animal (see Antelope X28), 7- White Ape, 8- Oil Beetle, 9- Boar, 10- A warped amalgamation of all of the above that quickly expires in a large puddle of blood and ooze).
- Discarded – I am going to come up with a random monster generator.

Level 4B: Cyst of the Slimes
- The Great Gray Ooze (AC 6, HD 6**, MV 30, #AT 1, D 3-18, SV F5, ML 12, AL C) A huge sentient Gray Ooze. It has the ability cast a strong charm person (-2 to saves) on anyone it touches and can communicate telepathically with those so charmed. It has enslaved some escaped Gnorlocks. The Great Gray Ooze will try to encase any humanoid creature it has killed in a cocoon of gray ooze and the creature will emerge in 1-4 days as an Ooze Zombie.
- Charmed Gnorlocks
- Ooze Zombies (AC 7, HD 2*, MV 90, #AT 1, D 2-12 + special, SV F1, ML 12, AL C) Dripping corpses of those killed by the Great Gray Ooze. Among natural stone they are difficult to see surprising on a 1-3. A successful hit from an Ooze Zombie splatters gray ooze on the target which does 2-12 damage. After the first hit, the ooze will stick to its victim, automatically destroying any normal armour in 1-4 rounds and doing an additional 2-12 damage each round. It will also dissolve and destroy magic armour in 1-4 turns. Ooze Zombies cannot be harmed by cold or fire nor are effected by sleep or charm spells.
- Gray Ooze
- Other slimes/oozes/jellies

Level 5: Lair of the Ghoul-Queen
- Sidra, The Ghoul-Queen – I am thinking about making her something like the Greyhawk Supplement Druid. She can use both magic-user and cleric spells and can shape change.
- More amazons
- Flesh Golems
- Bone Golems
- Blood Golems
- Hags
- Fleshshifters

Level 6: Fire Pits
- Fire Salamanders

For the next few steps I am going to focus on Level 1A: The Citadel of the Amazons and complete the map and stocking it before moving on to the next section. A reminder that I am going to be using something similar to the One-Page Dungeon Template.

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