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Monday, February 23, 2009

Troll Barbarian Prince

An old post at dragonsfoot (here) talks about using the old Dwarfstar game Barbarian Prince along with Classic D&D. I found it interesting. But my thought is that it would work even better with Tunnels & Trolls. I may have to try that. Heck, it is even made for solo play - very T&T-esque.

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  1. I tried to comment yesterday - no luck!
    Anyway - I used to run players through solo books - the T&T solo modules. Hell, me and a friend we so hooked (when we were teenagers) that I'd run games over the phone with him! Those were often through solo modules.

    I liked it a lot. It opened up more interpretation for magic, use of SR's for combat tricks and the like. Of course, at some point, it comes down to the player being able to accept that there are a few finite and specified choices to make to continue - and any player that complained about being railroaded through a SOLO ADVENTURE should probably just give up...