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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Building a Wilderness for the Northern Marches

I have been working on the Northern Marches campaign I am hoping to start. I have worked through Wilderness Architect articles from Fight On! written by Victor Raymond. The maps have worked out wonderfully! I have placed a handful of low level and a few high level modules I want to use. I have begun establishing some details about the small town that will be the "homebase" for the characters. And I have pretty much done some random encounter/event tables for some of the nearby regions.

I have settled on a homebrew setting. As I mentioned, the homebase is a small coastal town with a very close-by ruined castle (think early-Blackmoor) and an untamed wilderness.

Now I just need players.


  1. Nearby Gamers, Flyers, Meetup, Facebook. Good luck! :)

  2. I have it up on Nearby Games, I have flyers up at all of the local stores that have bulletin boards (can you believe that there is one store that doesn't have a bulletin board?), I have met some people by way of this blog, I am running a B/X game at the local convention next weekend and I am talking to my current C&C group to see if they are interested and if there is anyone they know that might be interested.

    If anyone has any other ideas let me know!