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Monday, March 9, 2009

I don't care either

Just as I finish the first pdf for Pit of Tortured Souls, Jim over at Lamentations of the Flame Princess has put up a post the gist of which is:
If the Old School Renaissance is going to amount to little more than rules clones, limited-scope "single quest" or "dungeon bash" adventure modules, and pdf-only huge maps with scarcely any detail... what's the point?

Reading his post I agree with bits and pieces. I believe that there are two things that have to happen if the "Old-School Renaissance" is going to grow:
1. People have to play; and
2. Adventure modules have to appear on the shelves of your Friendly Local Gaming Store.

I am doing #1 and I never have a hope or any plans to ever try #2.

The Pit of Tortured Souls is an exercise that I am doing because I wanted to have some fun. And you know what? It has been fun. If someone finds the process or the actual content interesting, that is gravy. Because of this blog and PoTS I have heard from some other local gamers and will likely get to sit down and play. So it is already a bigger success than I ever imagined.


  1. I certainly like PoTS, Stonehell, and a lot of the dungeons that retrogamers have been putting out. "More!" I say.

  2. I find this funny...like the Comedian.

    So he's a tad miffed that you guys are all posting various personal ideas? Yeah, we sure wouldn't want that. Isn't that what he's doing? Did I miss his recent fully published, hardcover campaign setting sourcebook? Probably. I tend not to bother with D&D compatible material I can't get on the internet for free.

    You see, as much as I appreciate the influx of creativity produced by the old school and retro-clone movements, its all still some form of D&D. I have D&D. I have lots of it. Something like 32 years worth including the 3 main books of the 4E version. I tried and still do not like it Sam I Am. Wanna wow me? Play something else. Anything else. He and anyone else who likes D&D in any form should kiss the ground you guys walk on for the amount of material and concepts you guys put forth. Do you know how many blogs there are for Star Trek, Traveller, Mutants & Masterminds or the D6 Star Wars RRG? Not even a third as many. How about Mekton? Imagine being a TFOS fan? It's like a filthy rich guy complaining his money is too heavy and there's not enough things to spend it on.


    March 9, 2009 10:00 PM

  3. This is a neat blog; the work of Rob Kuntz, and a few invited writers. You've probably see it before, but I just didn't notice it in the panel :)