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Friday, March 6, 2009

Level 1A: Citadel of the Amazons

Level 1A: Citadel of the Amazons is now available HERE.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am using a layout similar to the 2-page format used by Amityville Mike for his Stonehell.

Here is what the room descriptions boiled down to. I have to say that using the One-Page Template (okay 2-page) was that after stocking the dungeon the final write up was pretty easy.

1. Entry: Two tapestries (125 gp each) showing Amazonian scenes. If they are disturbed, the statue in room 14 will call an alarm.

2. Guardroom: Spartan furnishings. 3 Amazons stand at attention. If attacked one will rush to room 4. Each has 1d6 sp.

3. The Funnel: If the Amazons know they are under a direct assault, they will trip the Crushing Wall Trap in the hallway to the northwest and mass their forces in this room. The room is empty.

4. Guardroom: Spartan furnishings. 4 Amazons stand at attention. If attacked one will rush to room 2. Each has 1d6 sp.

5. Forgotten Workshop: Cobwebbed covered masonry and carving tools. Floor littered with shattered crystals. A Living Crystal Statue has been trapped in this room for many years and is quite insane.

6. Unstable Cavern: This room is empty. The floor along the eastern wall is quite unstable. If a person walks it, there is a 2 in 6 chance (+1 for each additional person) that the floor will collapse. Fall 10’ taking 1-6 damage.

7. Gallery: The walls of this room are frescos showing various Amazonian tales. The room is empty.

8. Barracks: Tidy cots and footlockers; large table; crates of rations. 3-18 Amazons will be present along with 1-3 Young Females (HD 1/2) and there is a 2 in 6 chance of an Amazon Lieutenant, and a 2 in 6 chance of a Tiger. Each Amazon has 1d6 sp

9. Forgotten Laboratory: Eerie chanting can be heard from around the corner before the room. Inside are 3 Eldritch Zombies conducting a never-ending ritual. Smashed tables, worm-eaten books, broken glass litter the floor. If the Eldritch Zombies are disturbed, one will leave the ritual and attack while the remaining zombies continue the ritual. Among the ruined papers are a Scroll of Detect Magic and a Cursed Scroll (anyone reading the scroll will begin chanting the never-ending ritual and must do so ignoring anything that would stop them such as eating, drinking, sleeping, etc)

10. Barracks: Tidy cots and footlockers; large table; crates of rations. 3-18 Amazons will be present along with 1-3 Young Females (HD 1/2) and there is a 2 in 6 chance of an Amazon Lieutenant, and a 2 in 6 chance of a Tiger. Each Amazon has 1d6 sp and stashed away in one of the footlockers are 4 gems (100 gp each).

11. Guardroom: Spartan furnishings. 2 Amazons stand at attention. If attacked they will yell alerting those in room 10. Each has 1d6 sp.

12. Baths: 2 in 6 chance of 1-6 Amazons bathing. The waters in the bath will heal 1-6 hit points and there is a 10% chance of increasing a female’s Charisma score by 1 or decreasing a male’s Charisma score by 1 (one time only per person).

13. Storeroom: Crates, barrels, boxes of foodstuffs, textiles, tools, etc. (see contents table) In total worth 200-1200 gp.

14. Temple to Athena: 20-ft tall statue of Athena; large stone altar with iron shackles; 40-ft domed ceiling. 20% chance that a ceremony will be in progress, if so there will be 6-36 Amazons and 1-2 Tigers present (if not, the room will be empty but check for wandering monsters every turn). If there is a ceremony, there is a additional 25% chance that the Amazon Queen (see room 24) will be here along with a male prisoner who is about to have a real bad day. The statue will call an alarm if the tapestries in room 1 are disturbed. There is also a 10% chance of Athena speaking through the statue if someone calls upon the deity in this room. Any none-sanctified male (eg. the sacrifice) that touches the altar will suffer an effect (see “Altar of Athena” table). Any Amazons here will be under the effect of a Bless spell. If the Amazon Queen is present the Amazon’s morale will be 12. 14A is a balcony that is 10 ft high and overlooks the Temple below. It is accessible from the stairs to the west.

15. Battlehall: 50% chance of 2-12 Amazons practicing melee combat (surprised on a 3 in 6 due to noise), if not there will be 4 Amazons standing guard with 1 Tiger. Tattered banners on walls; weapon racks contain a number of spears.

16. Sealed Well: This well drops down to level 3A. It has a locked iron cover on it and the key is on the collar of the Amazon Queen’s pet Saber-Tooth Tiger (see room 24). The lock on the cover is trapped so that a hail of darts fire out of the NW wall doing 1-8 damage if someone tampers with it.

17. Treasure Room: The door is heavy and locked. The Amazon Queen has the key. The lock is trapped with a poison needle (save vs. poison or die). A number of chests contain treasure worth 3,000 gp in total.

18. Hall of Beauty: Walls are carved with curved female forms entwined in various activities. One the north wall is a gold-framed magical mirror. Anyone that looks in the mirror will be asked a riddle (see table). If the correct answer is not given the person’s gender will be changed and they must reroll Charisma.

19. Trophy Room: Contains battle trophies captured by the Amazons. On display are four pieces of jewelry worth 300-1800 gp each and the Sword of Hilroy (sword +1). Hilroy was a hero that appeared at a nearby town in time to defend it from an Amazon raid but was killed while driving the Amazons away. Anyone in the town has a 20% chance of recognizing the sword in which case all reaction rolls in the town get a +2 bonus.

20. Den: There will be 1-3 Tigers using this room as a den. There are a total of 5 Tigers in the Citadel. If some have been encountered elsewhere then it may be necessary to modify the number present here. Bones and straw litter the floor.

21. Prison: The door is locked. This is the prison where male captives are kept. There will be 1-6 prisoners here. They will likely be Normal Men but, maybe not.

22. Well of Songs: This well drops down to level 2A. It is the lair of 2 Harpies that have a deal with the Amazons. The room is filthy and littered with the remains of their meals. Among the debris is a tiny decorative wooden box worth 50 gp.

23. Ante Chamber: A White Ape is chained to the pillar in the center of this room. The chain has 20-ft of slack. The ape will scream and bang his chain at the approach of the party, possibly alerting the Amazon Queen in room 24.

24. Quarters of the Amazon Queen: This is the luxurious private quarters for the Amazon Queen (AC 4, HD 4+1**, MV 120, #AT 1 spear, D 4-10, Save F4, ML 10, AL C) and her pet Saber-Tooth Tiger. They will only be surprised on a 1 in 6 if the White Ape in room 23 makes a bunch of noise. The Amazon Queen has the Spear of the Amazons (spear +1) and the Corset of Athena (gives female wearer an AC of 4). She has the ability to cast Charm Person on one male once per day. There is a 10% chance that a male prisoner will be here under the effect of the Charm Person spell. She is a clone of Sidra, the Ghoul-Queen. Various furnishings are worth 300-1800 gp in total. The Amazon Queen has the key to room 17 and on the Saber-Tooth Tiger’s collar is the key to the well cover in room 16.

This will end the step-by-step posts about the Pit of Tortured Souls but, I am planning on continuing the remaining levels and posting them here. I can also see myself working through the creation of a wilderness from the Expert rulebook to go with this.

One thing about level 1A that I am not particularly happy with is the selection of monsters. It ended up being a bit more limited than I wanted. Hopefully there is enough different stuff that it won't become too dull.

Any comments? Feedback?


  1. I really like the zombies of the never-ending ritual. I'd probably add some sort of line like "If there are ever six or more persons chanting, they will completely the ritual in d6 turns and summon a [scary monster from another plane]."

  2. Thanks. I tried to include some spots that a DM could use for further adventure. For example:
    1. the one you pointed out, what is this never-ending ritual? Is a Remove Curse enough to stop the chanting caused by the cursed scroll?
    2. Do they have to do anything with the young females?
    3. Why is the one well locked and trapped?
    4. What does Athena say to them if she speaks?
    5. Who is Hilroy? Why did he appear at the town?

  3. Why does the bath have a chance of reducing male Charisma? Wouldn't cleanliness increase anyone's Charisma (if they wash good enough)? Or is it that they lose that husky "Man Smell" used to inspire leadership in their retainers? : )