"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Story Continues...

Here is the second part of the summary of the first session of the Northern Marches as written again by Jake.
Hope people enjoyed reading Carry your Own Gold here's the last part of the story which is also the end of our first session. Once again i'm sorry about any errors.


Ganis the Frail cleric
Belgar the Beautiful dwarf
Liam mage
Marius elf
Rinford cleric
Konrad fighter
Dotson new hireling, torchbearer, treasure carrier, cannon fodder

Well Belgar and Ganus made it back to New Hareth safe and sound selling their tapestry and splitting the fortune( 20 gp). Almost instantly these 2 seasoned veterans were approached by new people wanting to check out the ruins of castle Hareth. So i'll begin my tale of heroism and untold feats of strength at the doors to the castle.
"we have to all push together to get these doors open" Belgar growls "and there are skeletons just beyond this door". "skeletons? don't be afraid" Rinford replies.
The party already knowing whats to be expected stroll right in to the room with skeletons and arrow slits in the walls. I mean who would honestly expect anything to change. The skeletons are still there and still dead. Then suddenly the twangs of bows. "lets just run across and go into the next room".Konrad says. Thats exactly what the hereos do, getting into the next room safely. "don't go anywhere orcs, we'll be there in a hour" Belgar shouts as he runs past the arrow slits.

Now the party has a decision, do they go up the stairs or down the dark hallway. Well no one knows if it was fear or common sense but the party picks the hallway. Down the hallway they go, there are doors everywhere. Konrad kicks open a door, the room is empty. They search the room, nothing catches their eye. Next room "i kick down the door" Konrad says again. But try as he might he just can't do it. If Konrad the strongest warrior within 2 feet of himself can't open it then who can. With one mighty kick, that would make a warhorse jealous, Marius the 95 lb, skipping along, almost girlish elf kicks it down."thats how you do it" Marius whispers. The room appears to be an old barracks. There are beds and footchests everywhere. With squeels of delight the hereos begin to open the chests. They find silver, more silver than they can count. When they are eventually able to count it there is over 100 pieces. "we split it now" Belgar roars. With their new found wealth safely put away they continue down the hallway. Another door is kicked open and gold statues are found. The next door Belgar carefully listens and hears noises. "why don't you crawl under the door and see what's in there you skinny elf" Belgar says. Well time was a wasting and these hereos haven't killed a thing all day "i'm kicking the door in" Belgar declares. Well the door is kicked in and the hereos are surprised by vicious, blood thirsty, snarling giant rats. "rats phhhhhhh". Konrad says. The 6 rats attack,poor Belgar is blocking the doorway so he must bear the brunt of the attack he is wounded twice and loses his shield. Well what would any seasoned dwarf do in such a 1 sided battle?, he backs into the hallway to let the rats out so Konrad can get attacked too. "We stand side by side"Belgar and Konrad scream. Rinford and Ganus who are behind the 2 warriors start firing with thier slings. Liam begins pondering about his 1 and only spell "i wonder what the range is". he thinks aloud. " i'm gonna go get a poleaxe that we saw by the entrance" Marius whispers then goes skipping off. The 2 clerics fire their slings with accuracy easily matched by a 5 year old child. Their stones hit their marks but not doing any damage. It was a good thing their stones did no damage because they had hit both Belgar and Konrad in the back. The warriors attack killing 2 rats. The ferocious rats bite back wounding both the warriors. Slings are fired,swords are swung, the mage ponders and finally after what seemed like an eternity (30 secs) the beasts are driven off and then, and only then the elf shows up with the poleaxe. The mighty heroes decide it is late and want to head back to town. On their way out they stop and gently bash off the 2 gold statues with a mace.
Upon returning to New Hareth they sell the statues and split the money confident that they are the mightiest adventuring party in all the land. They are slayers of orcs, killers of rats and defilers of statues.

This is where i left them. I told them that they were beneath me and i did not wish to be in their presence any longer. That just the sight of them made me sick to my stomach. They begged me to stay, pleading with me, even offering me riches and weapons. I will never forget what i heard the Hereos of New Hareth say to me as i walked away " please, pleeeeease Dotson, dont leave us"

Hope everyone enjoyed this, i'm not looking for or do i want any xp for this. i enjoy reading stories like this and was laughing my ass off when i wrote this one. I just wanted people to read this and hopefully they see how much fun old D&D can be. Hopefully people outside our group can read this? Maybe then it would spark even more interest in our little group. Well, i guess that's it for me for now.

P.S. if you want to find me ny name is Belgar and i live down by the docks in New Hareth.

Great stuff!

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