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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cal-Con Update

I am running two sessions at Cal-Con during the last weekend of March. Both sessions I will be using my favorite rules - B/X!

Here is the write-up I gave:

Hop into the way-back machine, go back to 1981 and play the Dungeons & Dragons that was the introduction to role-playing for nearly an entire generation – a Dungeons & Dragons that is fast and furious, and fun is the ultimate goal.

Recently, a tribe of goblins has been raiding the countryside. On their last raid they captured a dozen prisoners. You have banded together to rescue them. The party has tracked the goblins to the Haunted Keep – right up to the only door to the east tower.

I am going to use a modified version of Dragonfoot's The Haunted Keep.

I think that I will do up some posters to put up in some of the local stores and also at the Con itself.

Any suggestions or tips?

EDIT: I also signed up to play in a Tunnels & Trolls game which I am greatly looking forward to.

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  1. Either make up about three PCs per slot at your game or do up a worksheet that will tell folks exactly how to roll up their own. If you go the latter route hand each player their own copy of the worksheet and at least a couple blank charsheets. Set aside 30 to 45 minutes at the start of the game for chargen.