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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cal-con is about two months away

Last year was my first time at a gaming convention. I both ran and played in some games.

Cal-con is at the end of March and I am starting to try to figure out what games I would like to run. Some initial possibilities include:

- OD&D Castle Zagyg or one of the old tournament modules (maybe A1) - I know that I should likely use AD&D but it has been so long since I have ran 1E AD&D that I don't think I would be comfortable doing it at a con.

- a B/X game - maybe a section of Curse of Xanathon or of Stonehell

- a Tunnels & Trolls game (any good ideas about scenarios?)

- a Thundarr inspired Mutant Future scenario

- the Burning Wheel scenario "The Gift" using RISUS

Any ideas or suggestions?


  1. Feel free to use any of my Thundarr Thursday material you find useful for your MutFut session:


  2. Oh, I'd whip out the Labyrinth Lord and run some B/X treat...like X1. Just make sure to narrow the scope (use one of the optional scenarios/objectives from the back).

    If it were ME (where's my local convention, dammit!), I'd convert an AD&D module to B/X and run it...White Plume Mountain or Dwellers of the Forbidden City (just the tournament section). I know YOU have some B/X conversions of your own you could use...
    ; )

    [but in all seriousness, showcasing B/X will get people interested in Labyrinth Lord and vice versa, ya' know?]