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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Red Box Calgary?

Belated Happy New Year.

I hope you and yours had a great holiday season. My family had a wonderful break not withstanding the stomach flu bug which swept through our household between Christmas and New Years.

During the break I had lots of opportunity to read gaming related stuff. I went back through my collection of Fight On! and Knockspell magazines. There really is a bunch of great stuff in those.

One thing I have been considering during the break is setting up some form of "Old School" group along the lines of New York Red Box and Red Box Vancouver.

I have been talking to the event coordinator at The Sentry Box here in Calgary and it seems that most Sunday afternoons are pretty open in terms of table space on the mezzanine level and Thursday evenings are open in their after hours room.

Last year I was also talking to the owner of Revolution Games and he was also very open to having games run in the store. It's not quite as convenient as Sentry Box but could provide some flexibility.

I am pretty sure I could drum up some interest from some of the old Northern Marches group. I have also been working on a poster to put up at Sentry Box and other LFGS. I will likely mention it on the forums for the local D&D Meet-up group but I don't expect a lot of interest from that front.


  1. Red Box Vancouver? This is the first I ever heard of this!

  2. @Blair: Holy crap, I'm glad I checked OBD today. I've been reading Planet Algol for yonks and never realized you're local.

    If you want to play some Redbox, let me know!

    @P Armstrong, you've helped me many times on the DF forums and I'm a fan of this blog. If you get a Redbox Calgary game going, I'll link to you from Redbox Vancouver. Consider using wikidot, too! It's a pretty "get out of the way" type wiki syntax with a nice forum built-in.


  3. Are you thinking of a table-game at TSB?

    Sundays are really good for me, if you are looking for participants.

    Sorry to hear about your flu troubles.

  4. @ Paladin
    I am. I will be sure to let you know if/when I get this off the ground.