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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roll for Initiative

I like gaming podcasts. It began while I was still working and had to commute everyday. I would download either gaming podcasts or the best of various ESPN broadcasts (I am a huge NFL fan - Go Colts!). I still listen to them now when I am doing something around the house or some running around town on errands.

Some of my favourites are Fear the Boot, The Podgecast, the Trapcast (just my kind of juvenile humour) and Bear Swarm. I could always find something interesting to take away from them. However, they would always eventually piss me off with some comment that I would take offence to as being disparaging about the "Old School" style of play.

There is now a podcast which is more focused on my style of play. Roll for Initiative is a podcast that focuses on 1st edition AD&D and other old school games. There are only 5 episodes out so far. I have listened to all of them and I have enjoyed them. The first couple were a bit rough in terms of editing but they have improved.

So if you listen to podcasts or decide that you might give them a try during a long drive I would recommend that you give them a listen.

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  1. I happened to listen to episode one this morning, and they’ve already annoyed me. ^_^ (But in the good-natured “we’re all gamers here” kind of way.)