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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Blog for My 2nd edition AD&D Campaign

As I mention quite often around these parts, B/X is my favourite version of D&D. However, I am really enjoying the 2nd edition AD&D campaign I am running.

In order to keep Ode to Black Dougal focused on B/X D&D and my general gaming thoughts while also allowing me to ruminate about my 2nd ed. campaign, I have set up a new blog - The Sandpoint Campaign.

I know some of you who share my love for B/X view 2nd edition as an abomination against nature. This will allow you to continue to enjoy my semi-coherent thoughts about B/X without the 2nd edition stuff polluting your reading.

I have also had some great responses from some of you about my 2nd ed. campaign. Those that enjoy reading about that campaign can still check it out at the new blog. I will work on moving the session summaries and other notes that have been posted here over to there.


  1. Ah, Pat...you are two nice to us curmudgeons!
    ; )

  2. 2e is about as far I can go and still recognise the game that I love, so consider Sandpoint followed by me.

    Just as long as you don't succumb to TETSNBN