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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today's Trip to the Local Gaming Store

I was having a crappy afternoon so I stopped by the Sentry Box to cheer myself up.

1. I saw the new version of Labyrinth Lord on the shelf. It was nice to see it there. I didn't buy it as I have three copies of LL in hardcover and about eight copies of both the Moldvay Basic and the Cook/Marsh expert rulebooks. I wanted to leave it for someone who might not have it yet. However, if it is still there in about a month I will be hard pressed not to pick it up.

2. They didn't have any d30's! What is up with that?

3. I was also there yesterday (I love having lots of free time) and I put up my Red Box Calgary poster that has tabs with the wiki address. So it has been up for about 24 hours and there have been three tabs already taken. Now that doesn't actually mean all that much since I have had one poster or another up at the Sentry Box for the last year and a half and I have heard from maybe 15 people due to the posting but I still find it encouraging.

4. I bought a couple of Dark Sun accessories. I already had them in pdf but, like I said, I was having a crappy day.


  1. Haha, a LFGS had never heard of d30s the second-last time I was there. Last time I checked them out they had a container full! Of course I bought one, but I'm worried that the rest will collect dust.

  2. I bought all their d30s for my brother's Christmas present.

  3. And their d16s, and a d14. Maybe a d24 as well.

  4. The theme was 'crappy dice'. I purchased an obnoxious dice bag as well, and any random single dice with colour schemes that hurt my eyes. Plus a fist-sized d20.

  5. I bought the last mother-feckin' d30 in town.

  6. What next, a d11?

    I picked up one of two LL's that TSB had prior to Christmas. Then Santa gave me one.

    So now I have two LL's.

    Cool about the Red Box tabs. Will try to leave a post on the Red Box site, regarding potential game days. Pretty much any given Sunday should work, but I gotta check with "the boss" first.

  7. I actually checked yesterday for LL on the shelf and it wasn't there but today it was there all nice and shiny with all the books to the left leaning away from it.

  8. Ha, sounds like a great time. I need a good LFGS around me. We have a half ass one, well at least it has d30s, but I give them credit for continuing to carry some gaming stuff. Just no old school stuff.