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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Red Box Calgary wiki

Inspired by the New York Red Box and Red Box Vancouver groups, I have been working on a similar idea here in Calgary.

I have spent the last couple of days working on a new wiki at Red Box Calgary. I'm not going to lie - this was no small step for me as I am a bit of a dolt when it comes to computers.

Next I am going to try to spread the word. If I can get a couple of people interested I am hoping to schedule the first session in February.


  1. Good luck with the game!

    I just looked over your house rules, I like your handling of dual wielding quite a bit!

  2. Color me interested.

    Are DMing this one solo?

  3. That was supposed to read "Are YOU DMing this one solo.

    I ask because this whole megadungeon thing has got me interested in building and playing a megadungeon piecemeal, but I really don't have time to build and run one on my own.

  4. @ mthomas7687
    I actually stole the idea from Philotomy's website.

    @ A Paladin in Citadel
    I was thinking that to begin with I would just offer to run a game and see if anyone was interested and if possible develop a big enough player base to get the semi-competitive West March style campaign going.

    What I would really LOVE is if it drew enough interest to get a couple of different games going each using a different old school ruleset or maybe some mutant future, etc.

    Long way of saying that until this really got off the ground I was planning to DM it solo but honestly really hadn't thought that much about it.

  5. Tried to navigate the threads on Redbox, having a bit-o-problems with posting, but will try again tonight.

  6. I may have had the wrong access setting. I have tried to fix it but let me know if you still have problems.